1999 - 2003

Art Academy of Cincinnati, Bachelor of Fine Arts



Final Fridays, Performance Series, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA.

Dissent Performances; monthly guerrilla performances at major art museums and institutions, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, Fabric Workshop Museum, Philadelphia, PA. Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA. Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York.


Costumes, Reverence and Forms, group exhibit exchange featuring artists in Philadelphia and Portland. Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA & Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR.

Open Call Guerilla Outdoor Performance Festival: Portland, performance festival in conjunction with Costumes, Reverence and Forms with artists; Nathan Rice, Ben Glas, Kali Kraemer, Justin James, Michelle Guthrie, Jaleesa Johnson, Avery Bloch, Ashley Waddell, Alejandra Arias Sevilla, Monica McGrane, Carla Mielnik, Mercedes Rajme, Avery Worthington, Sarah Bat, Caitlyn Clester & Kimmy Munoz, Chelsea couch, Lizze Hull & Aurora Wade & Corri Chavez, Maura Campbell-Balkits, Nicholas Pannell, Lewis Ihnatko, North & South Park Blocks, Portland, OR

Mood, solo exhibition, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.


Open Call Guerilla Outdoor Performance Festival: Lunch Series, performance festival with artists Yvonne Lung, Peter Morgan, Tara White, Jerry Kaba, Lane Speidel & Kait Sanchez; Rittenhouse Square & John F. Collins Park, Philadelphia, PA

Beyond Cold Polished Stones, group exhibition featuring artists local to Lansdowne, PA curated by Anthony Campuzano; 20*20 Arts House, 20 Lansdowne Ct, Lansdowne, PA 19050


Reading Room, an installation featuring artist books. Artists: Beth Heinly, Darby Photos & Peter Morgan. Featured Authors: Annette Monnier, Beth Heinly, Brandon Joyce, Brian Droitcour, Bunny Rogers, Gabby Bess, Grace Miceli, Holly Childs, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jayson Musson, Jesse Darling, Julien Ceccaldi, Jessica Ciocci, Maren Karlson, Margaret V Haines, Peter Hurley, Noel Freibert, Steve Roggenbuck, Ward Zwart, Whit Taylor, Zoe Burnett; Vox Populi, 319 N. 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Open Call Guerilla Outdoor Performance Festival: Spring Break Edition, performance festival in the Center City Underground Pedestrian Concourse March 7th & March 14th 2015 with artists Amber Johnston, Amy Ritter, Anna Kroll, Beth Heinly, Cory Kram, Danielle Toronyi, Dave Kyu, Diedra Krieger, Faith Griffiths, Jerry Kaba, Laura Bernstein, Matt Kalasky, Tara White, Sean Thomas Boyt, Yvonne Lung; Underground Pedestrian Concourse, Philadelphia, PA

Septa Posters: Collector’s Edition, printed series in conjunction with Publication Studio, original drawings on exhibit; Temple Contemporary, 2001 N. 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122


Open Call Guerilla Outdoor Performance Festival, performance festival in Wissahickon Park with artists Anna Kroll & Elizabeth Weinstein, Annette Monnier & Yvonne Lung, Beth Heinly, Cory Kram, Diedra Krieger, Jessica Gamble, Peter Morgan, Tara White, Tyler Kline, Valerie Perczek; Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia, PA

Clark’s Third Law, curated by Paul Swenbeck with artists Clint Takeda, Ahmed Salvadore, Beth Heinly, Myung Jin Choi, Kyoko Tokamaru, Sumi Maeshima, Monika Patuszinska, Scott Marvel Cassidy, Scott McMahon, Joy Feasley, Marcus DeSieno, & Violet Vulpes; Space 1026, 1026 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Do it., a traveling exhibition conceived and curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, and organized by Independent Curators International (ICI), New York; Moore College of Art & Design, 20th & The Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Supernatural, artwork featuring prop replication from the T.V. series Supernatural. Artists: Beth Heinly, Oz DeShaw & Georgia Kovalik; Vox Populi, 319 N. 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

The Place of Dead Roads; group exhibition with artists Jenny Drumgoole & Tim Eads, curated by Tyler Kline; Little Berlin, Philadelphia


Counter/Acts: Yackez vs Talibam! and Beth Heinly. Performance: Blowing Up Elmo, curated by Marissa Perel. Aux Performance Space, 319 N. 11th St, Philadelphia, Pa 19107

Fort Thunder Attaks...Again!, group show with Vox Populi re-enacting Fort Thunder Attaks! from 1998. Space 1026, 1026 Arch St. Philadelphia, Pa 19107

Uncanny Visions IV, performance series featuring video and performance by: Animal Charm, Ann Hirsch, Beth Heinly, Bobby Gonzales, Cristine Brache, Bunny Rogers, Gabby Bess, Grace Miceli, Matt Kalasky, Valie Export, and Shana Moulton, co-curated with Catherine Pancake, Aux Performance Space, 319 N. 11th St, Philadelphia, Pa 19107

Vox Populi, collective group exhibit, The Front, 4100 St. Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117


DATABASE, exploring the concept of data visualization and database aesthetics, curated by Angela McQuillan Little Berlin, 2026 E. Hagert St, Philadelphia 19122

Zoe Strauss: Ten Years/Megawords, Septa Posters 1-3 on view in Megawords Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pa 19130


also books with artists Lizz Hickey, Caroline Hwang and Adian Kock, Space 1026, 1026 Arch St, Philadelphia Pa 19107

Department of Alternative Affairs, collaborative with 3 collectives, Extra, Extra, Little Berlin & FluxSpace, Art Gallery at City Hall, rm 116, littleberlin.org/DAA

Fuck THIS Place, performance at Extra, Extra, 1524 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, Pa 19125


Free Psychic Readings, performance at Bodega w/ Leslie Rogers' Showbox, Bodega, 253 North Third Street, Philadelphia Pa 19106

Failure to Show, a group show about failure, Extra, Extra, 2222 Sepviva St. Phila, Pa 19122

Works on Paper Rejects, group exhibition, Little Berlin, 119 W. Montgomery St. Philadelphia, Pa 19122


Three Artists and Their Collectives, 3 artists and their collectives exhibition, York College of Pennsylvania, 441 Country Club Road York, PA 17403-3651


Locally Localized Gravity, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania. 118 S. 36th St. Philadelphia, PA 19104-3289


Anima, solo exhibition at the Black Floor Gallery, 319 N. 11th Street, Phila, PA 19107


2016 - Present

Surf Club, group exhibition mirroring the curation process of Internet Surfing Clubs within the gallery space featuring 26 artists; Vox Populi, 319 N. 11th St., Philadelphia PA 19107

Supernatural, Aslean DeShaw, Beth Heinly & Georgia Kovalik, an exhibit of prop replicas that investigates the lineage of fan art and fine art. Vox Populi, 319 N. 11th St., Philadelphia PA 19107

Full Circle, Panel in conjunction with the exhibit “Alien She” curated by Astria Suparak and Ceci Moss. Artists on panel were invited to discuss their own practice and platforms in sharing feminist art through zines & the internet: Grace Miceli (Art Baby Gallery), Lauren Cook (Peachy Keen Collective), Diana Cirullo & Emily Thompson (The Le Sigh), Claire Folkman and Kelly Phillips (Dirty Diamonds). Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, 1400 N. American St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Collection, co-curated with Vox Populi Executive Director Andrew Suggs, artwork from the collections of Vox Populi Members and Board Members, Vox Populi, 319 N. 11th Street 3rd FLR, Philadelphia, PA 19107


prrrsona, female performance artists using persona online, artists; Ann Hirsch, Bunny Rogers, Liz Rywelski & Petra Cortright, Little Berlin, 2026 E. Hagert St, Philadelphia PA 19122


VASST.info, artists; Angela McQuillian, Annette Monnier & Gerik Forston, Brandon Joyce, Daniel Wallace & Derek Frech, Jake Kehs, Jamie Dillon, Dave Kyu & James Weissinger, Kristen Neville-Taylor, Lisa Murch, Sam Cusumano Little Berlin, 2026 E. Hagert St, Philadelphia PA 19122


Works on Paper Rejects, group exhibition, Little Berlin, 119 W. Montgomery St. Phila, PA 19122


Breaking News, Gabriel Boyce and Preston Link, Little Berlin, 119 W. Montgomery St. Phila, PA, 19122, cnnbcbs.com


Vox Populi/Collective Member

Founded in 1988, Vox Populi is an artist collective that works to support the challenging and experimental work of under-represented artists with monthly exhibitions, gallery talks, performances, lectures, and related programming. For over 25 years, Vox Populi has played a unique role in the cultural life of Philadelphia by bringing our audience a diverse range of programming and providing a supportive environment in which artists can take risks and gain valuable professional experience.



Zine Librarian for Little Berlin, Primary collector and archiver for little berlin’s zine library

Little Berlin Gallery/Collective Member

Little Berlin is an experimental gallery space located in the New Kensington Area of Philadelphia. Established in 2007 as an undefined exhibition space, Little Berlin is an artist collective where artists practice curation through monthly exhibits and events. littleberlin.org


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Self Published Works

The Best of 2018 Again, 3:00 Book Yearly Anthology, 2018.

The Best of 2017 Again, 3:00 Book Yearly Anthology, 2017.

Gotham Nights XXX, 2017.

The Deaf Neighbors, 2017.

GRAMS, collection of 3:00 Book instagrams, 2017.

The Best of 2016 Again, 3:00 Book Yearly Anthology, 2016.

CAMP, 2016

So Far So Good, 3:00 Book six month Anthology, 2016

They’re Not All Good, 3:00 Book Yearly Anthology, 2015

The Best of 2014, 3:00 Book Yearly Anthology, 2014

Trilogy of Horror, 2014

The 3:00 Book, co-author Maureen Cummings, 2007

b. 1981