Batman vs. Superman for Boy Toy Championships, Los Angeles, CA 2019 — a fetishized homoerotic gaze framed within the aesthetics of post internet-expressionist painting-pop art, if that makes sense.

Mood, Solo Exhibition at Vox Populi Gallery, 2017 — a survey in post internet art practice and performative female identity politics.

Beyond Cold Polished Stones, 2020 House, Lansdowne PA — haunted attic installation, 2016. Most of the objects within installation were obtained from a local thrift store.

Reading Room, Vox Populi Gallery, 2015 — artists books.

Artworks presented within installation Beth Heinly, Peter Morgan, and Darby Photos. Featured authors: Annette Monnier, Beth Heinly, Brandon Joyce, Brian Droitcour, Bunny Rogers, Gabby Bess, Grace Miceli, Holly Childs, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jayson Musson, Jesse Darling, Julien Ceccaldi, Jessica Ciocci, Maren Karlson, Margaret V Haines, Peter Hurley, Noel Freibert, Steve Roggenbuck, Ward Zwart, Whit Taylor, Zoe Burnett

An exhibit featuring the fandom of the television series "Supernatural" working within the realms of prop replication, Vox Populi Gallery, 2014
Artists: Beth Heinly, Kelsey Morse-Brown, Oz DeShaw & Scott Wheelis